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We focus on problems and look for solutions.
In our interconnected and smart world, technology empowers everyone to open the way for new business models and for increased functionality, efficiency and quality of the overall value chain.

Software Design & Development

From the identification of the customer’s needs to the software maintenance through all the steps of the development process, we deliver products and services in the fields of Computer Programming and Software Engineering.

Mobile App Design & Development

Our expertise will turn your idea into highly converting & feature rich mobile application optimized and quality-tested from smartphones to wearable in order to deliver you nothing but “performance”.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent machines are pervasive in many of our daily routines. We use and make AI available in different forms not only to make things and systems more efficient, but also to tackle problems in new and interesting ways.

Business Plan Development

A Business Plan is the key ingredient for a successful business or project. Juno helps you in drafting and developing captivating innovative, research or business plans with high technology value added for public and private funding.

Consulting Services

Digital is transforming every part of your business. Change is good and transformation is even better. Juno brings you innovative ideas and a full spectrum of business consulting services to meet your needs.

R&D Activities

We are strongly convinced that our participation in research projects, our collaboration with academic and scientific institutions and investments in R&D allows us to deliver innovative technological products and distinctive services.

Web Design

Transform your intuition into interactive web experiences. Our backgrounds are both creative and technical that make complete product experiences based on your business model from server to screen, across all devices.

E-commerce Solutions

We smartly develop ecommerce solutions that not only helps to boost your sales but also offer best shopping experience that aim at decreasing the distance to technology by make it more human.

Cloud Computing

Juno enables your business to build, host and scale applications in advanced cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Windows Azure, that guarantee consistent access to your data when you and your clients require it.

Smart IoT Solutions

A new phase of smart interconnected technologies has just started where physical objects can communicate over the web, allowing you to save money and increase efficiency in a more and more self-aware world.

Hardware Solutions Design & Supply

Along with software, Juno provides you complete IT hardware solutions, ranging from computers and mobile devices to integrated platforms and systems to maximize the value, efficiency and performance of your business.

Data Analytics

Are you swamped with data and information and you don’t know how to manage them? Our data experts analyse your data and can help you in revealing hidden business opportunities in your big data sources.

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A step into tomorrow’s technology

Our projects

We paint and compose your ideas into innovative digital products. We are a team of thinkers, programmers and make-it-happeners solving your challenges with tomorrow’s technology.

We are glad to welcome you in our Projects section.
Start exploring our recent works to have a deeper look into our expertise. Here you can find both the results of our R&D activities and market-ready products
in support of small and large businesses.


Our blog

It’s important to us to plunge you into our world – both personally and professionally.
Learn more about what we do and how we do things

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    Developing an Intelligent Vocal Knowledge Navigator

    February 21, 2016     –     #juno #smartsystems #knowledge #navigators
    In the context of a collaboration with the University of Calabria, we developed new algorithms to develop efficient and reliable vocal knowledge navigators. More is yet to come!

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    Juno is now member of the Innovation Center for Transport, Logistics and Transformation

    February 13, 2017     –     #juno #logistics #innovationcenter
    Team Juno is proud to announce that has been accepted as full member of the Innovation Center for Transport, Logistics and Transformation, a regional… Read more   

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    Juno is now a MePA Dealer

    February 10, 2017     –     #Juno #mepa #publicadministration
    Juno is now qualified dealers on the Public Administration Electronic Market (MePA), the real electronic market where the Public Administration… Read more   

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Creative thinking, originality and eye-catching design are the main enablers to reach a targeted audience with well-crafted products.


Systems and hardware components communicate in different languages. The world needs people able to understand them and integrate them efficiently.


Intelligent enthusiasm expresses a deep understanding of your work, its challenges and the enjoyment in tackling them every day.

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